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Dragonetti and Litigation Torts CLE and Seminar

Avoid the specter of sanctions

Dragonetti and other litigation torts are an omnipresence haunting every practice. Avoid liability and learn to use litigation torts to your advantage by strengthening your knowledge of key elements, burdens, testimony and potential damages.

Review the full spectrum of causes of action

  • Wrongful or malicious use of civil proceedings
  • Abuse of process
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Common law-based claims

Learn the law affecting the action

  • Statutory elements
  • State court decisions
  • Federal court decisions
  • Restatements and secondary sources

Understand how each phase of trial affects you

  • The scope and waiver of attorney-client privilege
  • Burdens of proof against each party to the action
  • Requirements and usage of expert testimony
  • Erie issues
  • Sanctions and damages
  • Nuances of litigation
  • The pervasive threat of litigation claims in other actions

Dates & Locations

12:30 pm to 3:45 pm; check-in and lunch begin at 12:00 pm

Mon., Dec. 15, 2014
The CLE Conference Ctr.
Wanamaker Building
10th Fl., Suite 1010
Juniper St. entrance

Tues., Dec. 16, 2014
PBI Conference Center
5080 Ritter Rd.
Rossmoyne Exit, Rt. 15

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